4 best tips to color your interior


So the colors in decoration are essential. I’m not going to be here to tell you such and such a color is good, such color is not good. The idea will rather be to learn to harmonize well

No limit in color

The colors between them because as Marcel Proust said :

Beauty is not in the colors but in their harmony

Marcel Proust

He had totally reason. Today people limit themselves to very simple colors like white gray black because they do not know the associates between it.
They say green very easily to each other, it’s very nice but with what I wear it and suddenly he lets go and he falls back on very simple and very colorful colors.

Rist in the end and they end up with an interior which is not dynamic enough and which remains a little bland in fact because there is no risk taking in terms of colors. The little tips I’m going to give you don’t come out of nowhere, I learned them when I was a makeover. I did a men’s makeover several years ago and suddenly I really learned to master colors well today. I’ll give you all the little tips and secrets that I could.

My little tips to choose colors

So really, there is plenty of advice. It’s quite technical but once you master the basics, you really manage to stand out from the crowd and make interiors that are quite interesting and with colors that are quite bright, dynamic and which change from most of the interiors that you can be found in people.

Also, don’t forget that these rules are fairly basic rules that I will give you and that it is quite possible to find counter-examples compared to what I am going to give you.
But in fact these counter examples you will find them in really very luxurious and very particular interiors and these are people who perfectly master the basics and who suddenly can afford to better control them and that’s what I call mastering the basics to get around them better.

That’s perfectly possible once you really master Basic. The very very concrete afterwards you can allow yourself to be a little more flexible and let go a little more in terms of colors but really we will see the basics. And you will succeed in doing things well with the colors.

3/4 basic colors and 1/4 strong colors

If you look at all the interiors that are successful in decoration, you will see one thing: they are all composed of 3/4 basic colors and 1/4 strong colors. We will see it on small examples but if you look at the really nice interiors there is generally this ratio which is respected.

What are basic colors? These are the colors that blend together and look great together when you get married and which should form the basis of your interior design. You have to learn the basic colors, we have no choice, it’s blue and brown, it’s white, it’s sand. It’s all these colors that if you take them you can do anything with them that’ll work anyway. It is quite possible to make a harmonious interior with brown, gray and blue and a few touches of white it can work.

White is always a little tricky in decoration because if we take it for sofas, for rugs too so we will really be content to use white for the wall or certain accessories but it is still quite difficult to use in the home. everyday in the decoration but despite everything it is a basic color

Don’t panic, trust on basic colors

So basic colors, they are essential if you are lost. Here you have a room that is naked, you don’t know what to do so start with a basic color. There are some basic colors like brown, gray and what am I going to do? Well, I’m going to take a gray sofa, that’s also interesting to always favor basic colors over a large room, as these are pieces that are expensive and that will not be changed every day.

It is better to use wise colors because if you take a red sofa and a green sofa you will quickly get bored of them and yet it will not be easy to change. Because it represents a certain amount we will see later but the bright colors, it can be interesting to keep them for all that accessories.

In any case really if you are lost take a basic color and choose a large room like the sofa, a coffee table or a wardrobe and take a basic color and you are sure to succeed every time, the only small problem that we have. can be found with basic colors, is that if we are a little shy and can not use bright colors, we will be content to use basic colors. So we’re going to do everything in brown, gray, white, blue.

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