The 4 rules to starting a great interior decoration


So today I would like to share with you the first five rules that are essential when starting to decorate your interior.

The first thing we do in interior decoration is go to the various stores around our home and in the end we will rush to the piece of furniture that will interest us, take the accumulated objects and in the end we will see all that n ‘ has no harmony in any case very little and we will be disappointed to have our project not put forward a piece of advice: do not drown in magazines with all this information, you will be lost and in the end, you have to get back to the basics essential. There are rules that are there, eternal, intangible, that we all tend to forget and that are super easy to apply.

The first rule is to question the usefulness of each piece

You will be able to visualize, project yourself in each of the rooms. So generally we start with the living space. It is generally the brightest the largest but it can also be a large bedroom if you want to have a large bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom.

We must not forget either all the other very practical spaces such as the service areas where we will be able to store, we will be able to put a laundry room or the ironing room. You really have to think about all of your needs. You did that, you will have to delimit all these spaces.

So they are delimited either by doors but also at ground level if for example you want to delimit the kitchen space from the living room space, on the ground you can put cement tiles in the kitchen and parquet in the living room. To make partitions at wall level, imagine strips of wallpaper in the kitchen for the dining area or to delimit the office space in your living room with a strip of wallpaper to really set this small space apart .

Lighting is a crucial point

Natural light

Once you have made these clear breaks, you will visually see the function of each of these spaces. Now we have to tackle the lighting right away.
Lighting is a crucial point. That is to say, this is the point that will allow you to feel good, to enhance your decor. So it should not be neglected. So we always start with natural light. You have to let it enter as much as possible since it is really the best lighting. You have to be careful with the sun anyway, that is to say that if you put a sofa in front of a large bay window facing south, you will be too hot in the summer.

Really pay attention to the arrangement of the furniture which will change depending on that and then all the other lighting, you have different ones like for the kitchen and the dining room you will need rather diffuse lighting so you have to imagine suspensions, ceiling lights. You can then imagine a much more targeted lighting, rather direct at the level of the bathroom above the mirror for example. In your bedroom, in your living room, if you want it to be a rather cozy, rather calming space, add floor lamps like the interior design Neib Kissana and you can also imagine lighting in other very practical spaces, for example your closet : you put lighting inside and this allows you to immediately see your entire dressing room.

Think about the colors

Once you’ve seen the lighting, think about the colors. To choose your colors, I have a tip, it is generally three colors no more in a room. This is what we advocate. Then if you want to put a dark colored wall, always put them opposite the window and on perpendicular walls put lighter stamps. They are in the same tone but lighter so that’s it for the colors.

Privilege quality rather than quantity

I will also tackle the last essential point, which is to privilege quality rather than quantity. So why am I telling you this? That is to say, you have to select furniture that is functional, comfortable and that lasts. If you accumulate too many things you are going to want to accumulate a lot of objects because you want to bring a soul, you want to personalize your interior, you think that you are going to be able to bluff everyone but in the end you will bring clutter, you will erase the general lines of your decoration and you will be cluttered. It will not give good harmony.

The quality rather the quantity

Forget about accumulating all these things, put spaces between each object and select the most beautiful objects, the objects that make you vibrate, that have told you they are meaningful to you. I’m telling you a story that means that when you go to look at it you will think back to when you bought it, to the person who made it. Sometimes it can be craftsmen who really marked you, so highlight them. It has to catch the eye. It means that when we get home we have to immediately it catches the eye and gives depth.

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