5 mistakes you must avoid in Interior Design


Here I present to you 5 things, 5 steps, 5 secret boots that people forget when carrying out a decoration project in interior design

Have you ever found yourself in front of a paint shelf and not knowing what to choose ? or to enter a nice decoration store, to want to buy everything and finally to love everything. You really buy things on the fly and once you bring them home eventually it doesn’t suit your interior. Or to find yourself super enthusiastic at the idea of ​​going to choose furniture in a store except that once you have left that store you feel very frustrated, even angry, upset because you feel lost.

You don’t see anything anymore, you really feel in the dark. Well I want to tell you, don’t worry. In a decoration project, why have so many doubts, frustration, fear of doing wrong and also a lot of hesitation in your choices? Well, because we often forget steps that I think are important for a successful project.

Number 1 : Not anticipate your project

Think about the atmospheres you want

And this is the minimum, it is not to anticipate your project and to go buy without thinking about it upstream. That is to say, think about the atmospheres you want, your needs, your desires but also take the main dimensions of the room so as not to be mistaken in the dimensions of a piece of furniture or in the quantity of your painting . What we do not think to do is establish a budget for the decoration because a budget, it will allow you to guide your choices.

Number 2 : Not to do good inventory

Well, it’s a little bit like a house for sale, it’s not to do a good inventory upstream, to take a step back from your interest in order to highlight existing things. See what to fix, see what you can keep, what you can reuse. For example, if you keep your floor, your choice of paint will not be based on your existing materials. It’s really home-staging.

Number 3 : You don’t realize you not have enough space

Something new in your house

And that is a little bit like the inventory. If you realize that you don’t have enough space, you need storage, I invite you to sort your things well. What is in the way ? what’s cluttering up your cupboards? what is it that you no longer want to see ? what can you recycle? what can you throw away? what can you sell ? Because ultimately selling decorative objects that you want more can increase your budget.

So it’s really important to make room in your interior. Anyway, I always say it if you want a renewal, something new in your house, that you have a small budget and that you still want to keep as much as possible and nothing but the fact of sorting out your things and doing room to welcome new things, it’s you a new atmosphere. It is important to sort out your old things that you simply don’t need anymore

Number 4 : Not to trust yourself

Listen to the life of others and not to trust yourself and suddenly to empower them and to have confidence in others. For example, if you ask your uncle for the opinion of your choice of paint, he will do according to his tastes to see him even he will make you an interior a little bit ugly so that in his home it is more beautiful .

Be careful though if you live with people, with your spouse, with children, with your brothers and sister, I don’t know… with your grandmother. Also take their opinions into account because it is important that the person (s) are also well at home.

Number 5 : Not to feel good at home

So trust yourself !

And this is the most important thing is to trust yourself, to have confidence in your ideas, in your projects and suddenly the importance of listening to yourself and to others. So what is really important. It’s you, your own opinion, your home. We spend a lot, a lot of time, it’s your cocoon. It is your refuge.

It is really very important to devote the time to it to really feel good at home. It should not be a constraint, we do with what we already have if we have a small space to improve it. We can optimize it if we have a too busy place, we can do a good sorting. We can sell furniture. Here we are, we do everything to improve our interior without necessarily having a very large budget. So trust yourself!

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