3 steps to choose the perfect table to eat ?


Today we will see how to choose the perfect table to eat. Rectangular, glass, Scandinavian style, wood, industrial, you will understand, there is no lack of choice and not always easy to choose a table adapted to your needs. Here we offer you some tips for choosing the table that will not only match your interior but also your desires.

The first step : I assess the space I have

Calculate the spaces

I advise you to start by choosing the location of this future table. It may seem obvious but for practical reasons, we will choose a location that is directly connected to the kitchen. Next it is important to assess the space you will need to enjoy your meals comfortably. Whether this space is in a kitchen, in a separate dining room or in the living room.

You will therefore have to calculate the space you have available to set up your table. Always keep in mind that the flow around the table should be as fluid as possible. Indeed, each person seated around the table will be able to feel at ease.
We will see together some rules : You plan to install chairs against a wall. In this case, you will count between 60 and 80 cm between the table and the wall.

Second scenario : You want to moove around the table

You want to go behind the table or serve in this case, I advise you to count between 90 and 110 cm to be able to have a fluid circulation around the table.
Some tips to help you in this process. First tip : I advise you to make a plan of your room to find the best possible location. Second tip: if you are not very comfortable with the plans, I advise you to take cardboard or paper as you want and put it in the Size of the table you plan to buy for you better realize the space it will take. Once you have thought through the location of your table and the space you are going to allocate to it, I advise you to think carefully about how you are going to use this table.

Some questions

So here are some questions you can ask yourself

Will I be using this table daily or just for entertaining? How many people will use this table. Whether daily or occasionally, the choice will not be the same at all. The choice of materials for your table will depend a lot on your lifestyle and also on the members of your family. For example, if you have children, I really advise you to turn to a more robust table that does not fear the accidents of everyday life and to help you in your choice do not think only of the aesthetics but also of the side convenient. This often comes up, for example, if you are a maniac, avoid choosing a glass table and it will avoid crises with every little fingerprints.

3rd step : I choose my style of table

Modern living room

So if you are like me and you do not have a room dedicated to your table and it is part of the living room, you will have to integrate it into all of your decoration so I advise you to ‘go into something that will harmonize with the rest. If you have an open swimming pool, you can use this table to link the kitchen and the living area.

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