6 Most Controversial Architectural Buildings Ever


Some of the iconic buildings that identify with the city they are in and attract millions of tourists every year, and some of the most controversial projects of contemporary architecture with their extraordinary style. They are sometimes remembered by their forms, sometimes their production processes, and their scandals for a long time. Here are 6 of the most controversial architectural structures ever.

1. Al-Wakrah Stadium (Doha, Qatar) / Zaha Hadid

Speaking controversial, football is one of the most controversial things. The fact that the 2022 World Cup was given to Qatar caused eyebrows to rise a lot due to corruption and money laundering accusations. Then, the Al-Wakrah Stadium project of the famous architect Zaha Hadid born in Baghdad appeared in Doha. Including mostly fluid, organic forms, and geometric patterns in his designs, Hadid’s Al-Wakrah project was considered as “organic” by many. American comedian Jon Stewart spoke about what the viewers often said: Stat looks like female genitalia! Zaha Hadid, who is among the most recognized architects in the world with many achievements and awards, found his comments as embarrassing and absurd. “No one would make this analogy if a man designed this stadium,” he said. On the other hand, worker deaths during the construction of the stat led to major debates up to legal dimension on Qatar’s controversial working conditions.

2.Pruitt-Igoe Housing Project (St. Louis, United States) / Minoru Yamasaki

Described as “hell on earth” by one of its residents, the project has been recognized as the biggest failure in the history of mass housing. The settlement, defined by modern critics as a prison, has caused a wide range of mental health problems on its low-income users and has been evacuated and demolished on the grounds that it was not suitable for the settlement even after twenty years of its construction.

3.Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Avustralya) / Jørn Utzon

The project of the Danish architect Jørn Utzon was actually rejected by the competition selection committee. The jury member was able to participate in the contest thanks to Finnish architect Eero Sarinen and was chosen first among more than two hundred projects. The project process, which started with rejection, continued with hatred, expulsion, scandal and budgets exceeded. It was completed by Peter Hall at the end of 16 years and $ 102 million by Peter Hall, due to the projected cost of $ 18 million and the construction process of 18 months, the complex structure of the building, and the perfectionism of Utzon’s dismissal.

4.Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) / Gustave Eiffel

When the Eiffel Tower was opened in 1889, it was held by the Parisians. With its giant metal silhouette, it did not fit into the elegant low-rise rooftop view that appeared in the 19th-century Haussman plan. The tower, which the Parisians described as “a huge factory chimney” or “a completely tragic street light” at that time, became the symbol of Paris over time.

6. Sagrada Familia (Barselona, İspanya) / Antoni Gaudí

According to the rumor that many of us have heard, Spanish architect Gaudí said, “My client is in no hurry.” he said. About the endless construction of Barcelona’s iconic Roman Catholic church. The construction, which started in 1882 and ended with Gaudí’s sudden death in 1926, almost stopped with ethical debates to complete the project.

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