The 15 most famous sculptures in the world with their enchanting beauty


The artists, who worked on 3 dimensions and created sculptures from marble, bronze, wood, and other materials, have produced magnificent works throughout history. These works, which carry the cultural and social life of their period to the present, also painted the leaders and thinkers who left their mark on their times. We have compiled 15 sculptures for you that are considered to be the most famous works in the world with their fascinating beauties, although the magnificent works that have been put up to date do not end with counting.

1.Nefertiti Bust (1345 BC)

This magnificent piece made of limestone is on display at the Neues Museum in Berlin. Honoring the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, this statue belongs to an artist named Thutmose. This iconic sculpture also reveals the aesthetic understanding of the period.

2.Venus De Milo ( BC 130)

Another work on display at the Louvre Museum, Venus De Milo, symbolizes the goddess of love, Aphrodite. The statue, which is about 2 meters long, is missing from its arm, which is not seen in Ancient Greece. The statue, discovered in 1820, also inspired many famous artists, especially Dali.

3.David (Donatello)  (1430 – 1440)

The bronze statue, which was revealed about 100 years before Michelangelo’s David statue, also depicts the Bible story. The work, which has become scandalous for a period, reflects David naked outside his shoes. The statue of David, which stands out among the early Renaissance sculptures, is the first bronze statue that is not accepted, as well as being the first nude male statue.

4.David (Michelangelo) (1501 – 1504)

The statue of David, which is accepted as the most iconic statue in history, depicts David waiting for the ‘giant’ by carrying his slingshot on his shoulder. Reflecting on the detail of Michelangelo, the statue is considered as one of the most important statues in history.

5.Statue of Liberty (1876 – 1886)

Statue of Liberty, gifted to the United States by the French, symbolizes the independence of the Americans. The statue, which carries the Declaration of Independence on the tablet in hand, is among the most important sculptures made of copper.

6.The Thinker (1880 – 1904)

The historical work of French artist Rodin is associated with philosophy. The work called ‘The Poet’, which originally meant the poet was renamed because of its similarity to Michelangelo’s Thinking Man statue.

7.Unique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913 – 1931)

The magnificent statue of the Italian artist Umberto Boccioni, who died at the age of 33, reflects the features of the futuristic movement.

8.Lincoln Memorial (1920)

The marble statue, originally planned to be 3 meters, was enlarged to approximately 5 meters and 80 cm. The statue, made in memory of the 16th American President Lincoln, has been one of the most important sculptures in history by symbolizing race relations since the 1930s.

9.Bird in Space

The series of sculptures made by Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi was first introduced in 1923. 7 of the works were made of marble and 9 were made of bronze. Brancusi aimed to symbolize the movement in his work. It should be noted that the work was sold for $ 23.5 million, a record price for 2005.


The giant work of Louise Bourgeois, about 9 meters, is on display in Bilbao. The fascinating sculpture with a spider motif symbolizes physical and psychological power.

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