21 futuristic designs that will make you feel alive in 2049


Designs beyond our age from our rapidly evolving technology-centered world.

Technology, design and architecture are unstoppable every day, and it is difficult to predict what the future will look like when changing at a pace that is difficult to follow. To our luck, we don’t leave the predictions anymore. Fortunately, highly talented designers show us how the future looks with futuristic designs thanks to their creative aesthetics. We have compiled designs for you beyond the era that seemed to leap out of the future. Good readings already!

1.A specially designed bathtub design that will carry a piece of nature into your bathroom

2.Ladder with LED panels that illuminate your path in the dark

3.A whole table with a wall

4.Sustainably designed sustainable wood designs

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What does sustainable furniture look like? @pirwi, a design-centric and green home furniture brand, was founded in 2007 by the industrial designers Alejandro Castro and Emiliano Godoy. Today, the company works with more than 25 designers, architects and artists. What makes Pirwi different: the company's focus on responsible manufacturing. Pirwi thinks about energy efficiency every step of the way. Factory shifts are scheduled to make commutes more efficient for factory workers. Products are built using F.S.C.-certified birch plywood and a non-toxic, biodegradable finish. And most Pirwi pieces “are designed to be disassembled after they complete their life cycle,” said @ian_ortega, Pirwi's director of design. Ian has worked with Pirwi for more than a decade. “I completely believe that design can be a positive changer to our society, environment and economy,” he said. Recently, he showed us around Pirwi's showroom and factory. While certain products—like the “Noviembre” stool—can be built in less than a day, some take weeks. “Some products require a lot of hours of specialized hand labor that no machine is capable of,” Ian said. Watch our Story to take a look inside the factory—and to see a few more items like these. (Here, the Mecedora Rocker, Mesas Eje and Librero Monumento.) 📸: @dberruecos This story is part of #BehindTheDesign, a series that explores the processes and workspaces of designers from across the world. In October, we're featuring Mexico City. . . . #MexicoCity #Pirwi #IanOrtega #pirwishowroom #diseñomexicano

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5.You can instantly change the mode and color of your room

6.Add nature more to your kitchen

7.Portable wireless keyboard with fast design

8.These chairs will remind you of your long-standing red wine

9.Multi-purpose furniture that changes shape easily

10.Wooden reception that illuminates the entire room

11.Hypnotizing clock design

12.Slides or stairs?

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Slide or stairs?!

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13.A cafe that has brought the decoration to the highest level in Argentina

14.Multi-purpose bench design that provides a space for plants

15.Zero gravity ecosystem that allows you to grow plants in the air

16.Creative and different 3D lamp design

17.A future tap design

18.A rest room should look like this

19.Elegantly constructed wooden table

20.Mounting apparatus that is the hypothesis of bicycle lovers

21.Peaceful interior

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