The Solution to Poverty: The First Neighborhood of the World Created with 3D Technology


The development of technology has greatly facilitated our lives. The pros and cons of technologies developed both financially and temporally are huge.

With the advancement of technology especially in recent years, some problems that we encounter in daily life have become easier. For example, while we had to wait for hours in order to deposit bills in the past, we can now deposit bills from our phone or computer thanks to online transactions. This allows us to save a lot of time. In addition, thanks to technology, especially in some sectors, financial savings were made. Of course, these developments in every field are used for the well-being of people who live in difficult situations in the world. Houses are being built in a rural area in South Mexico using 3D technology. Let’s look at the details together.

The company, New Story, has launched a project for families who are financially in poor condition. With this non-profit project, houses are built with 3D technology.


A neighborhood is created with 3D houses built in a rural area in Southern Mexico


The roofs and windows of 500 square meters houses built with a 33-meter giant 3D printer were completed last week.


The finished houses will have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The New Story company believes that this new construction model can be part of the solution for affordable housing for communities that are financially troubled.


“In this countryside in Mexico, we have successfully completed the first few houses using new seismic technologies, and we actually feel what we are proving,” said Brett Hagler, CEO of New Story.

Founded 5 years ago, New Story company was established to provide shelter for people living in extreme poverty.


The non-profit organization built more than 2,700 homes in Haiti, El Salvador, Bolivia and Mexico using traditional construction. In Haiti, where aid groups had trouble rebuilding the house after the 2010 earthquake, New Story launched a faster work process to finish homes.

However, they realized that they could benefit from new technologies, especially in the field of construction, and they partnered with Icon, a construction technology company two years ago.

New Story and Icon have developed a solid enough 3D printer to work even in the toughest conditions. With this printer they developed, they started to build houses.

The printer called Vulcan II, which the company uses in construction, is not the first printer used to build a house.

However, 50 of the houses in the neighborhood of Mexico built will be built with this printer. Thus, the Mexican neighborhood will be the first community to use such technology on such a large scale.

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